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In the modern world, everything has shifted in the virtual reality — working, having fun, shopping, making surprises, and getting acquainted with new people, even if they live on another continent. Is it that good? Undoubtedly, online life has its advantages, and a possibility of meeting a romantic partner belongs to one of the main perks of cyber-activity.

Yet, you may start wondering how it is possible to meet your only one online if there are millions of active users on the web. For this purpose, there exist special dedicated services — online dating platforms like Myspecialdate. The main mission of this online dating site is to connect single hearts around the world despite the distance. Let’s see how it functions in practice.

Why choose


In the first place, their Team puts much effort into erasing thousands of miles separating two loving souls. How do they do that? The point is that every lady’s profile has a great amount of free photos and videos you can enjoy as long as you wish. Keep in mind that women’s shots aren’t only professional but taken in real life as well, which means you can enjoy natural Slavic beauty.

Secondly, only here you can meet so many gorgeous Slavic girls from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Bet you know that Slavic beauty is well-known all over the world, so why not become that lucky guy who is dating one of the prettiest women ever? Moreover, all the charming ladies registered on are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, which makes the site a perfect venue for foreign men ready to create a family.

How to start your love journey?

You won’t believe it, but a registration process takes not more than 2 minutes and is absolutely free and effortless! As usual, you have to type in only the most important info like your name, birthdate, email, choose who you want to meet and of course, make up a nice strong password. For your personal security and safety, remember to keep all the data strictly confidential.

Once your registration on is over, you get free credits you are welcome to use to check how the site functions. A nice option, isn’t it? Then, after you confirm your email, you will get even more bonus credits! To complete this step, just follow the link you will find in your inbox.

If you have performed all these actions, congratulations! Now you are a member of a friendly community of the most passionate participants and you can start looking for your dream lady right away! Keep in mind that in this dating pool, women considerably outnumber men, which means that you can easily find a lady matching your preferences.  

Your beautiful woman is a step away

Now let’s figure out how an advanced search and matching system functions on the platform. Excellent news is that it’s absolutely effortless and doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy individual. To find your perfect match, just apply the filters you prefer. The site’s Team has introduced two types of filters – quick and detailed.

We suggest that you use detailed filters if your aim is to find your dream lady for a long-lasting relationship; by choosing as many parameters as possible (from appearance to religion and the purpose of staying on the site), you create a thorough picture of your desirable woman. Isn’t it a miracle that online dating can help you meet your soulmate just by ticking several boxes with necessary traits mentioned?

Also, let us notice that dating on is a great option if you are a reserved or shy man by nature. The point is that women registered with this platform have no time for just sitting and passively dreaming of meeting their Prince Charming. In other words, if they like your profile, they will let you know it by sending a sweet ice breaking message. The times when only men were supposed to make the first step are gone, so don’t be puzzled when a girl you like is initiating contact. Just be wise enough to attract and keep her attention.

How to make her interested?  

My specialdates

Yes, your beautiful match will write to you first if she finds your profile appealing. So, what do you have to do to create a favorable image of yours on the net? Stick to the following pieces of advice and we are sure you will succeed.

  • The core point to keep in mind is that no field of your online dating profile should be left blank. Wondering why it is so? Or perhaps you are too busy to thoroughly complete your profile? One of the biggest mistakes is to treat online dating not seriously. You see, for Slavic girls on, your complete dating profile does matter. The fuller it is, the more dedicated to a long-term relationship you are. Besides, you will get additional bonuses for filling in all the lines in your profile.
  • Try to avoid spelling or grammar mistakes. All women prefer literate men, and Slavic ladies aren’t an exception to the rule. Apart from that, the way you are texting a lady shows if you respect her. Never use rude words and avoid sexual connotations. Ask your online crush open-ended questions and prove to her that you are interested in her personality first of all.
  • To do that, make sure you look carefully through her profile info. It’s advisable to find common interests and build your conversation on that basis. If you have no mutual hobbies, that’s not a problem. Women’s profiles on this platform provide you with much information about your belle, so just be attentive.
  • Be a gentleman. Praise your lady, ask for her opinion and show that you value it. Respect her time, interests, and values, never push her, and be patient. This is how you can manage to earn trust of a Slavic girl. Believe us, your efforts will fully pay off later on since there are no more passionate and devoted partners than representatives of this nation.

It’s time to get in touch!

After the system has delivered the most compatible matches based exclusively on your preferences, you are welcome to start interacting with charming participants! How to do that? Of course, you can send chat messages for instant communication with currently online members, but don’t forget about letters if you want to tell your woman something special. Then, spice your conversations with winks, emoticons, audio and video files, and attach as many pics as you wish.

Hopefully, you don’t belong to the category of people who believe that it’s boring to date in cyberspace. If you still think like that, let us debunk this myth. The point is that on, you can make use of the features that will help you considerably shorten the distance separating you and your perfect Slavic girl. We are talking about such services as contact details request, sending gifts and flowers, and making a meeting request.

As for contact info and meeting requests, bear in mind the following point. To confirm them, a lady should fully trust you, and you both have to be ready to take your relationship to the next level. So, before deciding to use those services, communicate with your beauty as long as you need. This will spare you the negative emotions of possible rejection if a woman declines your request.

By getting a member’s contact details, we mean that you can get either her email or phone number. It’s the woman herself to decide what type of info to share with you; so don’t get disappointed when you’ve got one thing instead of another. No matter which type of contact info you receive, remember that it’s great since you have an excellent chance to start communicating with her outside the platform.

A meeting request implies that you come to your favorite lady’s country to meet her personally. A date will take place at a public venue, and there will be an interpreter present to facilitate the process of communication. No need to worry about how to set up a dazzling first date with your sweet online crush since the site’s Team is always by your side to help with organizing a meeting!

What about the pricing policy?

My special   dates

To be honest, we will tell you straightforwardly that isn’t an absolutely free dating platform. This fact shouldn’t scare you off because quality always entails some expenses. And it’s absolutely normal since in everyday life, we are paying for every service we get, aren’t we? Besides, remember that you have free credits after registration. Thus, you can check how the site functions without paying a cent.  

Yet, to be on the safe side and to decide whether the fees are affordable for you, check the site’s Terms and Conditions. There, you will see how many credits you need to perform a definite action. Credits are their inner currency you use to enjoy the service’s benefits to the fullest.  

Summing up

Choosing as your online dating pool, you get multiple benefits. Safety and security of your personal data are guaranteed by encryption technologies and the platform’s policies, while virtual communication gets more real due to a possibility to send real gifts or flowers and ask for a member’s contact details. Remember that love knows no borders, and once you feel you’ve met your soulmate or the lady you have always been dreaming of, consider the idea of coming to her country and meeting her in person. Good luck!

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