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Atheist dating: the ultimate solution for non-believers

Religion is an intimate topic, which usually becomes a barrier for interfaith love unions. However, believing in different Gods is one thing, while being agnostic or dating an atheist is entirely different. Faith has been a vital part of human societies for thousands of years. There have been times when believing in God was a mandatory aspect of people’s lives. 

There is no wonder that even nowadays, people who prefer the rational way of thinking are seen as outsiders in many societies when faith still plays such an essential role for the majority of Earth’s population. There is research pointing out that there are currently around 7 percent of agnostics and atheists on our planet, which is a very low number. So, where do these people are supposed to find love if, statistically speaking, the majority of singletons around them belong to a confession? 

When taking a closer look at online dating solutions, religion remains to be one of the criteria for selecting potential suitors online. It means that either these solutions cater to religious people, or, even if they have an option to choose an atheist, the pool of candidates would be ridiculously small. Therefore, the establishment of an atheist dating website was the only sensible solution to help people with no religion find love connections.

All of us are looking for someone who understands

There is nothing wrong with believing in God, and every person makes their choices, whether to be in faith or not. Still, when you are trying to build a sustainable relationship, there needs to be a profound and compelling connection with your partner. 

A lot of couples where one person is religious and the other is not experience difficulties in many routine situations and daily conversations. For instance, if your companion believes in destiny and refuses to make crucial decisions because they believe God has a predetermined plan already. It can bring disbalance and lead to quarrels in a relationship when both of you have different ways of approaching life. 

Not to mention spiritual rituals and celebrations that have no meaning for you but are so important for your partner. Being in a romantic companionship with a religious person would always be about compromising. Whilst there are singletons prepared to give up their accustomed order of life, there is a large percentage of those who are looking for someone with a similar outlook on life.

Raising children in contrasting beliefs is challenging

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Communication is not the only barrier you can face when trying to build a relationship with someone who holds different beliefs. When your relationship proceeds to further stages, such as marriage and having kids, your differences become only sharper. When a couple with contrasting worldviews brings kids into this world, each of them wants to win over. Both parents wish only the best for their children. However, when their values are different, there would always be a ground for conflict. An atheist would want the kids to stay out of religion, whereas a religious spouse would ask for a devout upbringing. 

Either way, one party would need to make a compromise. The picture is entirely different when both parents are atheists, and they raise their kids to be better people without the guidance of God or any other spiritual force. When parents are looking in the same direction and raise their kids in harmony, all family members feel more fulfilled, which eventually leads to stronger partnerships.

Benefits of dating an atheist

Even if you are a Christian, who was raised with love in God, dating an atheist can be positive for both of you. Accommodating your religion in the modern world can be difficult at times, especially when our order of life has gotten so different from the one described in Holy Books, that is when building a relationship with a non-believer can teach you a great deal of things and help develop a more progressive outlook on your life. 

Having discussions and conversations with someone who looks at life more pragmatically will show you an alternative perspective and make you question your beliefs, which eventually will lead to self-growth and the formation of your personal life outlook. 

Secondly, a lot of believers might be reluctant to build a relationship with an atheist until they realize that human morals tend to overlap and share the majority of ideas. After all, maybe we are not that different? Finally, the differences you might have with your partner can become the ground for development. 

Successful and healthy relationships are about continuous learning and understanding your companion. As a devout Christian or Muslim, you can share your knowledge and learn from your partner. A relationship between a non-believer and a religious partner can have a deep connection and strong bond despite your differences if both you are willing to find out new things about each other and your background. 

At the end of the day, it is your choice to make — whether you can work out the topics that cause too much stir in your relationships and agree to avoid them for the sake of peace, or have hour-long deep conversations to figure out where your lover stands at and why it is so important to them. However, only by communicating with one another, you can build a companionship that would last for years.

Where to search for like-minded non-believers today?

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Nowadays, when the online dating industry is saturated with different options to cater to all sorts of people, the solutions to cater to non-spiritual singletons appear. Now you do not have to be with someone you need to make compromises all the time or even change your beliefs. Statistics reflect the trend for an increasing number of people preferring to stay out of faith, making it more possible than ever to find an atheist companion for you. 

Online atheist dating services give a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people that are just like you looking for someone who understands them. These solutions operate similarly to regular dating websites or apps; however, their audience is individuals that are not affiliated with any of the existing religions and do not believe in the existence of God. You can get acquainted with singletons from all around the globe and be sure you are understood completely. 

The topic of religion would never become an issue in your relationship and would not affect how you communicate with one another within your couple. There are a lot of free atheist dating solutions, meaning you can try out a few to see which one suits your needs best. The majority of these platforms operate globally and connect atheist singletons from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you are struggling to find an agnostic partner in your city or even country, atheist dating websites can come in handy and introduce you to thousands of profiles of potential candidates internationally.

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