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Is the best way to meet women — online?

Back in the days of carefree life and no signs of the pandemic, people used to go out to bars and restaurants to meet new acquaintances. Now that everything has been closed for almost a year, we can only hold blurry memories about socializing and finding new friends. 

But let’s recall how it usually happened, just to refresh our memories. If you were going out with your friends to a bar or a nightclub, there were crowds of people and bumping into someone that excites your eye did not seem like a difficult task. Still, the atmosphere was never quite right for meeting your genuine soulmates. Bars and nightclubs used to have very loud music, making it impossible to have a proper conversation. Not to mention the crowds of people trying to get a drink by the bar. 

Even if you saw an attractive girl standing somewhere in the crowd, approaching her always seemed like wading through a jungle with people dancing and standing in your way. One moment and you lose her out of your sight and never see again. Then you go home disappointed and upset. Remember this? Does meeting women at bars and nightclubs still seem like a good idea? Probably not. But don’t be discouraged just yet because we have got exceptional alternative solutions for meeting women for you!

Finding your lady isn’t a challenge even during the pandemic

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Suppose the setback life and the slow pace of the pandemic made you feel like you wanted to start a relationship with someone who could keep you company on those long days and nights. In that case, you might want to familiarise yourself with alternative ways of meeting relationship-material ladies. 

Traditionally, people meet through mutual friends, neighbourhoods and circles of close acquaintances, but today the Internet and the globalization process allows us to add a few more strategies we could utilize in order to find the best female partner. Below we have collected the ways for meeting women that are safe and reliable. They are presented in ascending order from the least effective to the most effective approach.

Meeting single women through friends

Meeting people through mutual friends is a proven old-school approach that has been working for centuries. If you encounter a person with whom you have mutual friends, the communication usually is slightly easier at first. You already know a little bit about them and have a general understanding of their life, or at least about what kind of people they enjoy spending time with. It also can be more secure than talking to a complete stranger on the street.

Setting up a date with someone you share friends with can be less anxious as you can always do a double date or meet with a group of people at first. This way, you can establish an initial communication with the person you are interested in. Then, proceed to get to know your crush better once you feel comfortable around them and ask on a romantic date where only the two of you would be present. 

This way, a relationship can gradually evolve without you putting in too much effort. However, meeting people through mutual friends has its own disadvantages. For example, your friend group might be jealous of you spending too much time with your crush and forgetting about them, or they might not know you well enough to see who you are actually compatible with and set you up with the wrong person. Either way, this source of meeting people is effective and can be less intimidating than the other ones. Definitely a good option that we’d recommend!

Searching for your soulmate on social media

Everyone is using social media these days. It is great at connecting people around the globe. It is highly likely that you managed to randomly find a few childhood friends and friends from college that you long lost the connection with years ago. Social media allows us to have a glimpse at other people’s lives. Everybody is sharing pictures of their friends, their lives and even daily routines. 

Hence, if you see someone on social media, you can literally read into their lives by looking at their pictures and reading their blog posts. It is even more convenient that these platforms allow their users to exchange messages, search for people and connect with friends from the past. This feature can also be utilized for meeting single women. You can start by browsing the lists of people your friends follow, just to see if there is someone you like.

Alternatively, you can come across a good-looking woman whilst browsing your feed and send her a message hoping she’d respond to you. With everything being said, social media makes a great strategy to meet women online, yet it has some downsides, which you need to acknowledge. First of all, the search process can be rather long. Even if you insert the preferred age, location and other parameters, you’d get a lot of profiles that would fall under the selected criteria and the chances that you will see someone you like are very low. 

The second downside is that not everyone on social media is looking for new friends and partners, so your introductory message might be perceived in a wrong way and put off by a girl. So, our conclusion is that social media is amazing at connecting people who already know each other and showing off your life, but might not be the greatest way to search for partners. Still, there are many cases of couples who met through social media platforms, hence, it would be wrong to claim it is impossible to meet the love of your life on one of the social networks.

Seek professional matchmaking services

Acquiring the services of professional matchmakers has been known for a long time, yet, its reputation is doubtable. Although we have heard testimonials of couples that met through a matchmaking agency, still, not many people use these services. The professional matchmaking agencies know a great deal about relationships. They are the real deal dating experts who know how to connect compatible singletons. A person seeking their service would normally undergo a series of interviews and questionnaires that would help identify his or her personality traits, family values and what kind of relationship they are looking for. 

The agency normally holds a portfolio of suitable candidates and lets a singleton choose potential suitors based on their appearance. They would also help set up dates and keep in touch to see how your relationship is evolving overtime. It is very helpful to have a supporting agent by your side that would ensure everything is done to the highest standard and increase the chances of you finding the love of your life. 

Although all of this might sound as too good to be true, these agencies are gaining popularity and becoming more demanded across the world. The disadvantages of using a professional matchmaker is the price. Whilst other ways of meeting single women are free of charge, a matchmaking agency would charge you a fee for their services. The size of their reward depends on the level of service you wish to receive from them. There are also elite agencies that set up men and women from high society, but they cost a respective price. 

Overall, matchmaking agencies are great at finding truly compatible partners and setting them up. It would be highly unlikely for anyone to find as suitable a partner as a professional matchmaker would find for you. The challenge here is that love is about chemistry and you never know who you’d fall for. Even if the person might be hundred percent suitable for you on the paper, in reality you might not even form a bond between each other. 

Dating apps to access the community of like-minded people

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Dating websites and applications are taking over the world of romantic relationships. They are extremely popular these days among all generations, so meeting a person of any kind is possible. Once you set up a profile on one of the dating solutions, you instantly receive access to thousands of profiles of suitable candidates, which saves a lot of time and effort for you. 

Additionally, unlike on social media, with online dating services you can be sure that these people are looking for a relationship and your actions will not be perceived wrongly. These services offer a combination of social media platforms and matchmaking agencies. 

As you can browse profiles of gorgeous single women, see their pictures and communicate with them, at the same time, these platforms would only suggest you people that you are highly compatible with. Same as in a matchmaking agency, you undergo a brief questionnaire about your preferences and personality which enables you to instantly connect you with like-minded singles. 

There you can meet local women, as you set out the preferred radius of search, which is highly convenient if you are looking for a partner who’d be based close to you. These are a large variety of different services, which would allow you to meet people of your choice no matter whether you are looking to meet mature women or younger ones. 

The greatest benefit of using dating apps is that they allow you to meet women for free. So, if you are unsure about online dating, you can get a profile for free and try it out to see whether it works for you or not. 

Try meeting single women online: it’s worth it, we promise!

We conclude that the best way to meet women is online. It is fun, safe and easy with the large number of various solutions that connect you to millions of single good-looking ladies of your preference. Online dating has been around for a decade and has proven its effectiveness. The popularity of these services became even more apparent during the times of the pandemic that limited the number of people we are allowed to communicate with. 

Even if you are a fan of meeting people in person and are used to going to nightclubs and bars to find love, trying out online dating will surely change your mind. These services prove to be as fun and exciting with a number of special features offered to enable a real-life communication experience.

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